The Best Picnic Spots in Battersea Park

05/10/2022 | Paris Baguette Battersea

Battersea Park is one of London's biggest green spaces. It's the perfect backdrop for whatever you're up to. Be it family picnics or just escaping the office for a quick coffee and sugar fix, we've got the guide to the best spots to enjoy Paris Baguette al fresco!

Take in the new surroundings

With the Power Station redevelopment complete and the famous chimneys looking better than ever before, why not grab Paris Baguette to go and enjoy a treat in the newly renovated seated area just a stone’s throw away from the shopping centre and offices. With views of the pier, numerous water features and the glorious Thames to accompany your cake or coffee, it’s a great place to watch the world go by.

Peace, love and patisseries

Battersea Park boasts some of the most unique picnic spots in London, not least its Peace Pagoda! Presented to London as a gift by the Venerable Nichidatsu Fuji in 1984, the pagoda features numerous gilt-bronze statues which represent the most significant stages of Buddha’s life; birth, contemplation, enlightenment, teaching and death. If all that gets too heavy, why not grab something sweet from Paris Baguette and enjoy the panoramic view of Chelsea Embankment. The pagoda can be found beside the Thames.

Dinner and a show

Battersea Park’s fountains are not only vast, they also showcase a daily water jet show. The main display can be seen between 10am and 6pm. It is also open to frolic in, mood and weather permitting. Perfect for parents who need to distract the kids whilst they refuel with some Parisian pastry!

Strike up the band

Located on Central Avenue where all paths meet, The Bandstand is the focal point of Battersea Park! Often the site of live music, summer & winter fairs and charity runs, it’s a great place to enjoy a strawberry tart and freshly made coffee

Did we miss any hidden gems?

We’re new to the area so are always looking to tap up local knowledge. If you know of any picnic spots that would fit perfectly with Paris Baguette, let us know on our Instagram account

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